Monday, March 8, 2010

Cox Communications gets the final word…

I guess they got me. After first politely explaining that they wouldn’t be able to remove me from their mailing list (“As you may know, our policy is not to remove addresses from our mailing lists for the reasons listed below.”), I was somehow able to persuade them to stop?!? (Read my response) I may be misinterpreting the message, but either way, I’m done complaining to them.

For those of you who I’ve spoken to about this who are paying customers and still receive the flyers, good luck. ;-)

Below your will find their final notice. I won’t be responding, so it appears the Cox Saga is over.

Dear <NAME>:

Thank you for your response.

We appreciate your feedback. We have sent your request to remove your address from our mailing list to our Marketing Department for review.

Thank you again for contacting us via e-mail. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


E-Care Specialist
Cox Communications - Arizona

Next time, try Live Chat! Cox I-mail is the fastest, easiest way to receive answers to your quick questions from a live Cox Agent.

Look for "Live Chat"! Available Monday through Friday, 8am - 7pm

For additional information regarding your Cox Communication services, please visit:

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