Sunday, March 7, 2010

Response from Cox Communications

Cox responded very quickly to the email I sent them. However, it’s a rather ridiculous response. See their letter and my repsonse below!

Dear <NAME>:
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Cox Communications regarding the advertising material you have received.
We regret any inconvenience our marketing material may be causing you. As you may know, our policy is not to remove addresses from our mailing lists for the reasons listed below.
1. If we removed an address from our mailing list, customers and non-customers would not receive important notifications of new service and product launches.
2. Residents would not receive information on our many special offers.
3. If the current resident moves, the new resident would not receive any information from us about our products, services, and special offers.
We will, however, be happy to forward your request to our marketing department for review.
Thank you again for contacting us via e-mail. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
E-Care Specialist
Cox Communications - Arizona

Next time, try Live Chat! Cox I-mail is the fastest, easiest way to receive answers to your quick questions from a live Cox Agent.
Look for "Live Chat"! Available Monday through Friday, 8am - 7pm
For additional information regarding your Cox Communication services, please visit:

But here’s the problem. Apparently, they either didn’t understand or didn’t want to hear that they are wasting their customer’s money. Sorry for those this applies to. I will be replying to this, but not fighting very hard, since it’s only a very minor inconvenience to me, but maybe one of you out there feels it’s worth it.

Thank you for the very timely response. I understand the points outlined below, but apparently I failed to completely express all of mine.
For your first point, with the knowledge that your customer base is potentially increased by direct mail marketing, I can accept that the mailing won't stop completely. Unfortunately, the issue is not that I receive ANY, but that I receive TOO MANY. 2-3 times per week (or more) is ridiculous! Simply cutting back to once to twice per month would satisfy me, and as originally explained this would additionally reduce unnecessary capital expenditure.
Also to respond directly to your second bullet point, receiving your information as frequently as I am, very often I am getting duplicated offers, which is a further annoyance to me and additional cost to your company. If the marketing materials were not so repetitive and monotonous, I would probably more likely to take notice of it. Seeing the same flyer in my mail box day in and day out leads me to toss it before I really look at it.
To address point #3, if I move, I'm pretty sure that information is publicly available through the post office. Alternatively, when someone moves into my home, their change of address would also be registered, so this whole point is moot. Furthermore, if the frequency at which your mailings are sent was diminished - as opposed to a complete halt - this wouldn't even need to be considered.
The bottom line is, I’m glad I am not a Cox customer, as it seems your company does not mind spending excessive amounts of customer-provided funds to market your company’s services.
I hope this helps clarify what was previously inadequately explained.
Thank you.

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