Friday, March 5, 2010

Verizon Part II

In continuing to follow this Verizon story, I’ve seen a few people suggest going to your local VZW retailer and threaten to leave them if they refuse to cooperate, send a letter to your congressperson, send a letter to VZW’s corporate offices, and complain about them to the FCC/BBB. I chose the last option and visited the BBB website to file a complaint. Turns out, this is a very convenient system, and if need be, I will likely use this outlet in the future for any other business under the BBB’s umbrella.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from ‘1511’ on my cell phone. I was working at the time and therefore unable to answer. A message was left, however, so curious, I retrieved it as quickly as possible. Turns out it was Verizon calling to say they received notification of my complaint and would be reviewing my case and that I should be receiving a ‘real’ response to said complaint within 10 business days.

Now, there was no more to it than that – no confirmation of the actual subject matter of the complaint, nor any possible resolution at this time. Despite this, I was actually relatively optimistic about the whole situation, since they at least made contact. Does this help settle me about the fact that they may actually change the policy? No, not really. So for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what they end up coming up with.

Update: Finally a news story about this! It's a small local news outlet, but it's a start! Perhaps a call needs to be made to my local station, since it seems they haven't heard yet.

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