Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Problem with the Health Reform Lawsuit

This is just my opinion, but I feel as though people were looking forward to this lawsuit all along. If those representing their states (the attorney generals and governors and everyone else involved in the decision to hop aboard the lawsuit bandwagon) had gotten more involved in the lawmaking process a bit sooner (like, before the bill was signed into law), we wouldn’t have to be spending so many tax dollars to fight it today.

In my state (AZ, which is part of the suit now), I heard little from our local politicians (outside of our congress/senate seat holders) about the bill and their support or opposition to it, but now people are up in arms about it and going full speed ahead with the lawsuit. Where were these people before it was ‘too late’? Why is it only after the fact that the decision makers have decided to join the fight against the reform?

Speaking of after the fact, why are there now TV commercials thanking Gabrielle Giffords (my representative) for voting yea on the health bill passing? (I didn’t find a video of this online after a very brief search. If I can do so later, I’ll link to it here.) If it was really such a good idea, then why do we have to advertise to promote the decision after it has already been made? We’re stuck with it for the time being, maybe indefinitely, so why spend the money to tell people how good an idea it was to vote in favor of the reform? Why not spend that money on getting the process implemented, or better yet, on educating the public on how the bill’s passing may directly affect them and what they may need to do in the next few years to avoid any hiccups during whatever transition may apply to them?

This all goes to show (me, anyway) that the passing of the bill really was just a way to try and gain votes, and this applies to both sides of the argument. Those in favor are now praising themselves (i.e. asking for votes next election) for the decision, while those against are now promoting themselves (i.e. asking for votes next election) for being a champion against the evil socialist reform. I’m not saying the grass is necessarily greener on the other side, but its unfortunate that politics is really all about serving one’s self interests and not the greater good. </cliché>

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  1. You're absolutely right. They do it for their own good.
    For anyone to think that these people are working for "OUR" best interest, they are truly blind and lost.
    After we have our election things will die down, and any complaints about this health care reform bill will be squashed. The lawsuit will simply disappear. Its all to get votes.
    For Obama, I'd bet that its the only promise he will ever keep during his term. He had to do it no matter how wrong it is for our country. He had to put his graffiti in our history book. Being president wasn't good enough like it was for Carter.
    Speaking of Obama, have you noticed the amount of attention we are paying to Kenya lately? Did you know that as soon as Obama hit the office floor he earmarked billions to help Kenya? Gee, I wonder why...


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