Friday, April 30, 2010

I’m All About Arguing


Much to the chagrin of many around me, I love a good debate. So much so, that my good friends would call ‘debate’ a misnomer for what actually transpires. If someone says anything that I really disagree with, you’d better believe they are going to know it. It seems that this behavior is part of my nature. I believe I do have some tact, however, and I do not share my opinion openly with every random person I happen to overhear. My argumentative dialog is usually kept to those closest to me. Moreover, a full-on, heated rant-fest will usually only occur with the small number of those willing to give their own retorts. Most people who know me well enough just accept that that’s how I am.

But let me get to my point about this post: I want to argue with someone. Maybe that’s the reason I even started this blog. I’m looking for people who will openly disagree with me about something. There have been a few comments on my main (non-‘syndication’) blog which have agreed with what I’ve blogged about; there have been slightly more that have disagreed. Let me just say, I love it. Please, to anyone out there, whether you follow me generally, or if you come to watch the Verizon Saga play itself out, or you just randomly found yourself here, please comment on something and tell me I’m wrong. Back it up with statistics and references even. I want to ‘get into it’ with someone. I don’t mind if you stay anonymous, or even what your opinion is – meaning, you actually agree with me, but want to play the devil’s advocate role. Just play nice and keep it kid-friendly, please.

Or, if there’s something you have an opinion about that you think I’ll disagree with that I haven’t posted something about already, bring that up here. Bring up anything you want - I may even expand the discussion into it’s own thread if I have a strong enough opinion.

I look forward to taking a jaunt with you!


  1. I blame your argumentative nature on being a Leo. Let's be armchair astrologers!

  2. Don't get him started! Why is there a handicapped logo on the verification box? Is it wheelchair accessible?


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