Friday, April 23, 2010

Verizon Part IX: Let’s Make a Deal

In part because of ‘the network’ and my reluctance to actually change providers, I have decided to accept Verizon’s offer and take the enV Touch. Bottom line is this: I need a new phone, and the current plan I’m on is actually cheaper than anything else out there from competitors (until such time that Verizon decides to really force feed me data). This doesn’t really solve the overall issue, and everyone else is still affected; this is for my own personal benefit only.

LGEnVTouchWith that out of the way, after talking with VZW yesterday, I’m still a little anxious about this deal. I called and spoke to the executive relations representative again, and informed him that I’d like to accept his consolation. We arranged for the billing (reduced fee for the phone) and shipping, and that was that. After everything was settled, we got off the phone and I went about my business. About 30-45 minutes later, I got a call back (supposedly about 15 minutes after he was to leave for the day), to explain that they did not have any batteries available for the enV Touch, and that I would either have to wait for them to get in stock, or accept a Samsung Rogue instead. After my horrible experience with the Samsung Glyde, I’ve decided to stay way from Samsung phones for a while, plus the enV is LG, and I’ve always liked LG phones.

At this point, I was a little hesitant to just accept option A or option B, and the gentleman on the other end of the line quickly picked up on this. Suddenly, there was a third option of having the phone sent to me without a battery. If this happened, I would then be able to go to a VZW store and pick one up, the cost of which would be deducted from the bill. That remains to be seen, unfortunately. Given the new option C, and the fact that he really did sound like he was trying to be helpful (he may just be a very good salesman I may just be a sucker), I went ahead and opted for that.

So now I wait until about Mon/Tue when the phone is expected to arrive, then I’ll go to a VZW store and pick up a battery, then call the guy to confirm everything, and we should be good to go. We’ll see.
With all the phone specifics taken care of, I decided to also ask the representative about the ‘tying’ anti-trust law infringement on Verizon’s part. He qualified his response with the fact that he does not make the decisions and that he’s not part of the legal department, which I can understand. What I can’t understand is how ‘people can interpret the however they like’ is an acceptable response. Is this the same as saying, if I steal something from a store, I can avoid prosecution by exclaiming that I didn’t interpret the law to mean that I can’t steal? If that’s the case, then why even have laws?

I will give the guy a break, because he’s not part of the legal department, and he probably wasn’t expecting that question, but I’m thinking a better answer to this question (given the lack of knowledge) would have been to just not say anything?

In the next few days, I’ll be speaking with him again, and hopefully it will be on a new, fully functioning phone without a data plan or renewed contract. Stay tuned…

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