Monday, April 12, 2010

Verizon Part VII: A Sick Twist of Fate!

So, I now have a bone to pick with BBB, which is the worst, given that they are supposed to be a consumer advocacy group. When I checked the status of my Verizon complaint this morning, I was presented with the update I gave in Part VI. After checking again during at lunch, lo and behold, the whole process seems to have been upended! From the complaint page at the BBB site:

Date – Activity

04/12/2010 - Case closed - ASSUMED RESOLVED

04/12/2010 - No Consumer Response- Assumed Resolved w/o Letter

04/12/2010 - Manually Forward Final Response to Consumer

04/12/2010 - Received Business' Rebuttal Response

04/12/2010 - No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal

That’s right. After the business failed to respond (mind you this BBB update was already 2 days past the deadline for VZW), suddenly the BBB finds that a response has materialized and accepts it as a legitimate response past the due date. What’s more, not only did that letter magically appear and get accepted too late, but in a few hours time, I apparently failed to respond, so now the case is closed in Verizon’s favor! For reference, the above listing is in reverse chronological order, so the stuff at the top is most recent.

It gets worse! I called up the BBB and was quickly connected to the woman handling my case. When I asked about this, she sort of explained why this happened, but was more than rude about it. According to her, she came in to work in the morning, saw there had been no response, so she recorded that. Then, a short time later, the letter was delivered to her, and she forwarded to me (snail mail). So far, so good, right? But that was it, so I asked why then the case was marked as resolved in favor of the business. She said that ‘that’s for us to worry about. You only have to worry about responding if you don’t agree’ because then at that point, they will reopen the case. I pushed further and asked why that’s the default statement, and she responded that that’s just their practice and that when a letter is sent by the business, they automatically close the case. I again pressed and asked why then, after their first response the case had not been closed, to which she started giving me information about a reminder letter that had to be sent to Verizon in order to get them to respond.

I started to push again, but decided it best to cut it off there. She was not being very helpful, and I was getting too heated to be of any rational use to my cause. At this point, Verizon has ‘won’ the case with the BBB, but you bet that when I receive this letter in the mail that I will be re-opening the case immediately. If I have further issues, I wonder what the process is to follow up against the BBB, since they are supposedly the source to help resolve these kinds of issues.

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