Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Verizon Part X: A New Hope

I picked up my (like) new LG enV Touch yesterday, unpacked it, set it all up, and am now using it. So far, so good – No data plan added to the contract, contract still up in May (after which I plan to go month-to-month to continue to avoid the fee). It’s not even been 24 hours yet, but all in all, I’m satisfied with this particular experience with Verizon. I’m still unhappy about the company overall, however, which leads me to my next point.

I’ve still got my case open with the FCC, but the process for them is MUCH slower than the BBB. As that process continues, I’ll keep updating here. Hopefully, we’ll get somewhere and other customers (those still willing to stick with a company that would do this in the first place) will be able to avoid this ridiculous mandatory data charge, or else maybe VZW will put out a series of phones that are still good, but don’t require the data plan. All we have for now is hope that they will come to their senses – which still doesn’t really seem likely.


P.S. Hope nobody minds another Star Wars reference in the Verizon series titles… ;-)

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