Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Cox Letdown

I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a few weeks… The picture at left is of one of the duplicate mailings I get from Cox, which prompted all my prior Cox posts.  The image has not been not modified, except to remove my name/address. These came a few weeks after all my correspondence ended Cox2xwith them. It’d had been so long that I even posted that it appeared as though Cox was done sending me anything. Obviously that was wrong, but at least the frequency of their mailings has decreased.
There are more problems with this than just a second ad sent. The text on the front reads: “it’s ur time!” Really? Seriously? WTF is with ‘ur’?? There was other ‘txt’ talk in the ad, with the familiar ‘r’ and ‘u’ as highlights. This would have actually been reasonable if it was advertising mobile phone service, or even simple the benefits of having internet for IM-type conversations. But this ad really didn’t focus on that at all, making the horrible butchering of English a bit out of place.
On the other hand, this image is not the whole story. I thought it funny enough at the time to take the picture with the two envelopes, just because of the duplication, but a few days after tossing these out, a THIRD (i.e. triplication) came in. Since I did not expect any more, I threw the two previous out, so no reason to take a picture of the third by itself, but take my word on it.
To all you Cox subscribers, I remind you that this is how your money is being spent by them (spent first of course by you on overpriced services). Hope you enjoy it.

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