Sunday, May 9, 2010

Verizon Part XI: Not Sure What’s Next

So far, things have been quiet with regard to Verizon and any potential unexpected data plan. Nothing has been charged to my account so far, but the billing month was up right about the time everything got settled, so it may not be until next month that I will see anything. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

As to the BBB claim that was open, if it was not already made clear, I did agree to Verizon’s terms, so they got no negative report. I just added one drop to the bucket of successful resolutions. I did not stick to my guns and refuse their offer. They gave me something that resolved all my issues – at least for me personally. They told me they are strongly reconsidering the plan, and (through the anecdotes of others) it seems they also may be working on a plan to undo or at least partly change the new data plan policy. (I’ll believe it when I actually see it.)

For the FCC case, things are a little more uncertain. I received one letter from the FCC stating that they had received my complaint, then some time later, another that said they had received a response to it from Verizon, and that I should be receiving a copy of that response in a short amount of time. It’s been nearly a week, and I’ve got nothing so far. I may have to try again to get in touch with the FCC about this, but they are much less user-friendly than the BBB was, so that may be a bit more work than it needs to be. Also, in the second letter, they stated that they are satisfied with the VZW explanation and that if I was not, that I would have to file a ‘formal’ complaint with them, which includes a fee. I haven’t gotten there yet, seeing as how I have yet to see the VZW response, but it seems like a bunch of hoops to jump through. Thanks, FCC for being there to help us, the public.

Will keep you posted on how this FCC situation pans out for me…

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