Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stay Illegal for Less

You’re familiar with Safe Auto, yes? This is the car insurance company with the jingle that makes me want to shoot myself; the one with the overly clean-cut Justin Case (har har on the name, guys). Well, they advertise that they can help keep you ‘legal for less’. I’m about to demonstrate to you why that’s just not the case, at least from their advertising perspective.

According to Safe Auto, the only thing you need to avoid a problem with the law is auto insurance, despite whatever other offenses you may have committed. I’ll show you two commercials here (thanks to SA for so conveniently putting them up on YouTube), but there are many more that all back up this idea. The first of these videos is an older commercial which essentially informs unassuming consumers that they can get out of tickets by not only having ‘proof of insurance’, but by also annoying the crap out of police officers. Let’s take a look:

First of all, if I ever catch you singing that song while pulled over, I will stop, walk up, and punch you square in the face. Now, looking at how the police handle the various drivers, it appears that they decided to pull each of the drivers over just to verify they had insurance. They didn’t ask any other questions, such as: “Do you know how fast you were going?” or “Were you aware you just ran past a stop sign?” Why? Maybe it’s because the commercial doesn’t warrant the display of any further discussion, since we’re really talking about car insurance. Ok, I’ll buy that argument - at least until the end of the commercial, anyway. As the commercial closes to logo, you see the cops walking away from a car, shaking their heads with defeat. I can only imagine them saying something along the lines of ‘Drat. Another driver with insurance. We’ll never get to write any tickets at this rate.’

I really doubt the only reason these stops took place was because the officers wanted to know if the driver was insured. but that’s not the only problem with the ad. If you are pulled over and you simply flash your card (and like a moron, sing the jingle), the police are not simply going to walk away. They will do an ID check to see if you’ve also got any prior warrants to your name as well as verify your vehicle has not been reported as stolen. You’re not simply off the hook just because you have a plastic card. That being said, let’s take a look at the next commercial, a more recent Safe Auto creation:

Now, this one also informs potential customers that they can avoid tickets by having car insurance (see the ‘game over’ bit at the end of the ad) as the first ad does, but this one also encourages unsafe and illegal driving behaviors. To more or less quote the narration, real life doesn’t include any extra lives or do-overs. This is true, but the commercial continues to hint at the idea that any ticket will be avoided simply by providing ‘proof of insurance’ (see the ‘Proof of insurance, tough guy!’ bit). Basically, the commercial advertises that one can drive recklessly and dangerously, as the animation depicts, and avoid any consequences of such driving if you happen to have valid and current insurance on hand.

Obviously that’s not the case, but do you see my point? Safe Auto is not my choice of insurance, and though the marketing is stupid, I guess I don’t see anything else wrong with them. If anyone uses them, please feel free to share your experiences so I have a clue.


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  1. Drive around Maricopa county for a while. Keep your insurance card handy, along with your CCW card, your drivers license, your birth certificate, passport, and especially important, your VISA. Or MasterCard.  Immigration paperwork...fuggeddaboutit..


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