Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anti-Equal Opportunity?

With election time coming fast, Arizona voters will soon have to decide whether or not to pass Prop. 107. This is not a final decision on the matter, rather it is a response to a news/opinion story I just read.

I recently read an article published by the Tucson Weekly writer, Mari Herreras, wherein she discussed the above-mentioned ballot proposition. (By the way, I’m not stealing the headline, I’m commenting on it. Note the ‘?’)  Her opinion, which is a strong one in most of the articles authored by her, is that Proposition 107 should be shot down due to its racist and discriminatory purpose. She interviews a young student, Jonathan Garcia, at the University of Arizona to help make her point. That student, a senior at this time, talks of the hardships of being a student with his background and how “he would have dropped out of school” had it not been for preferential support given to him because of that background.

Now, if this young man has improved his life from a poor beginning and is now bettering himself, then that’s great; more power to you, guy. However, citing the fact that his additional help is what kept him going to school as a reason to kick out Prop. 107 is somewhat insulting and infuriating to me. I for one, going to the same university, was unable to complete my degree program and graduate because I couldn’t afford to. This argument from the article says to me that Mr. Garcia, in order to be ‘equal’ should be given money to continue his education, while I should not because I am white.

There may be reasons to vote for (see above) and to vote against (there are still racist people out there) this ballot measure, but that’s not my point. My point is I don’t want to hear about how others are getting ahead because everyone’s ‘equal’.

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