Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Health Cost Issues


In a previous posting, I noted problems and causes of the high cost of health insurance. One reason being that people too frequently use the ER as their primary source of care whenever they get sick. Recently, through more of my own experiences, I've discovered a new problem with the emergency room issue.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a Name?

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For those of you who don't know me personally, my last name is Holden. What this means is there are ample opportunities to make some pun off of my name. I actually give some credit to kids in my past for coming up with some pretty witty snaps. (see bottom of post)

It also means that coming up with a suitable name for my son was tricky. I'll let you use your imagination for a moment, before I list some of the extentions of my last name I can recall.

Now don't get me wrong, I like my last name. And my whole name for that matter. I wouldn't change it, and I don't go by any nicknames. I just wanted to point out the immature humor of it all.

Bad first names (assume Holden after each):
Peter; Richard (Dick); Bill/William (Willy)

Bad associated last names (when added to Holden):
Johnson; Bohn; Peters; Dixon

And of course innumerable puns about everything. "Look! I'm Holden my phone! lol"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Advertising

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Jack Furrier's Western Tire Center Sign - Rantomness
Most of my blog posts are complaints, but here's the opposite for ya...
Jack Furrier's Western Tire Center is one of the best places in town to take your car. (At least the one on the southwest corner of Golflinks and Kolb in Tucson, AZ)

The people are nice; they get to know you and care.
They don't overcharge and actually have saved me money over other shops multiple times.
They are quick.
They don't try to get you to replace everything at every visit; they are honest.

Every time I visit, it reinforces the sentiment.

Thanks to Jason and the rest of the team at Jack Furrier's for a consistently awesome job!

What A Douche

Recently, my wife made some random post on Facebook which was relatively insignificant. Some people posted responses as usual. One of those people was a grade-A douchebag we both used to work with. As a matter of fact, we both used to be his boss. With my limited texting space, I can't go into all the details in one post, so I'll try to keep it succinct...

He hates me. Why? After he was promoted, he came to work high all the time - moreso when we had clients, but my boss wouldn't let me fire him. Did I have it out for him? Yes - he did a horrible job at times and never took responsibility.

Then the a-hole comes and hijacks my wife's post to insult me, and when she and other semi-random people jumped in to defend as well, he insulted them all and made comments involving my baby son.

At any rate, here's my own douche response that I didn't post (I have him blocked, so he wouldn't have seen it anyway.):

Maybe your baby nephew would be alive today if your pothead family wasn't perma-stoned.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does It Really Matter How Fast You Go?

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When is comes to internet service, is there really a difference for the general user at all? If you do big games or downloads, then maybe you'll want to fork up the dough. However, so many people use the internet for the bare minimum: email, Facebook, maybe banking and a few other things. Sure any modem whose speed is measured/advertised as a 'baud rate' (google it...) may not be sufficient for the amount of data packed into a contemporary web page, but most don't need the fastest option.

Despite that, I'm sure a good portion of internet consumers out there opt for the more expensive option, and I'd also bet they wouldn't tell the difference between that and one of the lower tiered options. Why? Because companies like Cox and Qwest advertise it so heavily!

It's a shame that so much money is wasted on non-appreciated services.

Monday, February 7, 2011

What Happened to my Red Light Ticket?

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While I've been away from the internet, stuff happened. There's no time to rehash most old news, but I felt there was something worthwhile to post about: My alleged breaking of Tucson's traffic laws.

Back almost a year ago, I 'ran a red light' and was caught on camera doing so. Not only that, but I was also 'moving at an unspecified speed greater than 65 mph' while making a right turn. For all the juicy details, please see my previous postings...

In response to this alleged infraction of the law, I had prepared myself fully for an eventual date with a judge. I had my defense planned out. I had gathered documentation, images, and the city-supplied video in preparation. I was ready to take down the system.

Then, the fateful day came...

My case was dismissed without prejudice without ever stepping foot in a court room or speaking with any officials on the matter. Now where's the fun in that?! At least I didn't have to pay anything, but I really wanted to make my case. Maybe next time.

Why Is Nobody Making Money Off This?

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Well, truthfully, somebody may be making money, but I just don't know who they are. What am I talking about? "Stupid" people. (See: Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks)

With so many sites devoted to the exposing of people and their idiocies from their behavior to literacy (or lack thereof) to their dress (See: People of Walmart), there is obviously a big market for this kind of content. I feel like you could really make some money off of these people if you had the right business plan.

Now, I won't be sharing any such business plan with you. For one thing, I don't have one. For another, if I did, why would I share my success secret? ;-) All I'm saying is, there's a lot of stupid out there and a lot of people who want to see it.

Side note: I once saw an overweight woman wearing a "Together we can beat diabetes" shirt while chowing down on a McD's breakfast combo. I guess an Egg McMuffin and hashbrowns work well together in the fight to cure the disease.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'll Take a Handout Please!

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Just so everyone knows, it bothers me that people can have nicer things in their life than me, while getting some kind of government assistance, while I'm too well off to get any money myself.

I'm happy with my hand-me-down 29" TV, but it still irks me that someone who supposedly can't afford to feed their children (therefore gets some form of welfare money plus free healthcare for the child) keeps bragging about their new 72" 3D plasma HDTV.

Am I wrong for being... 'jealous' of their misfortune?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking English to New Highths!

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English is HARD - Rantomness
Sorry to you, guy whom I will not name out of pity...

This piece of paper was on the mat at my front door when I got home from work today. I briefly read it, glanced at my tree, and decided to throw it away. But before it got to the recycle bin, I thought I should take a pivture to share with you. The obvious error is underlined in red, but in case you can't see the image, it's the word "Highth" (capitalized mid-sentence). Next to that is the word 'standard', but it looks like it's spelled 'standerd'?

This doesn't seem like the brightest guy to me already, but to top that off, I just recently trimmed the tree myself and don't need it trimmed. Now it may not look super professional, but I'm happy with it. Despite the lack of 'standerdization' in 'Highth', he still should have realized I didn't need his services. You see, I trimmed so recently that the yard is still covered with the cut branches and limbs!

(If he's just that desperate for work, then I guess I feel bad for mocking. I guess.)

I Don't Like This AND That

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Nutrition Labels Suck at Grammar - Rantomness
Look at this picture; it's the bottom of a nutrition label. Most labels like this, when lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients, will list what a product is 'not a significant source of'.
In this case, there are quite a few things missing, not that it's necessarily a bad thing (no fat is good, right?). However, what gets me is the 'AND' at the end of the list. Can someone please enlighten me as to how this is proper grammar? Well, I suppose the grammar is sound, but the symantics are all wrong!
If I told you that I do not like "blue, black, and red", would you believe I actually like all three (when separated)? If I had some personal grievances with that specific assortment of colors, I would have spoken correctly, but wouldn't it be more correct of me to say 'or' if I in fact liked not a one of the list?
This nutrition label, and I believe all others, seems to indicate that it is a significant source of one or some (but not all) of the items listed, and that's just dumb.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to mobile blog...

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So, I've had little (read as: no) time to blog recently, but there's been a heck of a lot to blog about. That being the case, I've decided to try blogging from my internet-less cell phone. (Thanks Verizon for the decent phone with no forced internet...) That being the case, I'm limited in my ability to make things fancy-like, so bear with me, alright?
Depending on how this goes, you may start to see a lot more from me - or you may see this and just this. I've got a 1,000 character limit to what I send, and while I can post pictures (supposedly, according to the Blogger help), I have no idea what the final format will look like.
Yeah, I could pay up and get the internet on my phone, or I could by a new laptop, thus making the process easier and more visually appealing, but those who know me well enough know I'm a bit of a cheap bastard, so that's not likely to happen.
For those of you reading this now, thanks for still paying attention!
(Side note: Do you see a whale in the pic?)