Friday, February 4, 2011

I Don't Like This AND That

Nutrition Labels Suck at Grammar - Rantomness
Look at this picture; it's the bottom of a nutrition label. Most labels like this, when lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients, will list what a product is 'not a significant source of'.
In this case, there are quite a few things missing, not that it's necessarily a bad thing (no fat is good, right?). However, what gets me is the 'AND' at the end of the list. Can someone please enlighten me as to how this is proper grammar? Well, I suppose the grammar is sound, but the symantics are all wrong!
If I told you that I do not like "blue, black, and red", would you believe I actually like all three (when separated)? If I had some personal grievances with that specific assortment of colors, I would have spoken correctly, but wouldn't it be more correct of me to say 'or' if I in fact liked not a one of the list?
This nutrition label, and I believe all others, seems to indicate that it is a significant source of one or some (but not all) of the items listed, and that's just dumb.

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