Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'll Take a Handout Please!

Just so everyone knows, it bothers me that people can have nicer things in their life than me, while getting some kind of government assistance, while I'm too well off to get any money myself.

I'm happy with my hand-me-down 29" TV, but it still irks me that someone who supposedly can't afford to feed their children (therefore gets some form of welfare money plus free healthcare for the child) keeps bragging about their new 72" 3D plasma HDTV.

Am I wrong for being... 'jealous' of their misfortune?

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  1. The same could be said for healthcare. If you have no income / low income / no healthcare you can pretty much get free care with no worries. Great for people that are in a position not of their own doing. However, for those abusing the system it's just that much more they get for free.


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