Saturday, February 26, 2011

*See Footnote

Heinz Footnote - Rantomness
...if you can find the footnote, that is. I've looked everywhere, and I can't find it.

Reading the sales pitch on the back of this bottle of Heinz ketchup, I was intrigued to see that they have marked their statment about their tomatoes being "sun-ripened" with an asterisk*. (I like to read my food packaging!)

Well, I was pretty miffed when, after searching the entire package, no footnote referring back to the sun-ripened-ness of the tomatoes was found. This leads me now to speculate that the tomatoes are in fact NOT sun-ripened and this note is a merely a ploy or ruse to get me to buy their product
Shame on you, Heinz, for your misleading advertising!

(*Typically, an asterisk or some other symbol inserted next to a word, phrase, or quote indicates that there is a footnote with additional information regarding the aforementioned statement, such as a source of a quotation or a clarification.)

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