Monday, February 7, 2011

What Happened to my Red Light Ticket?

While I've been away from the internet, stuff happened. There's no time to rehash most old news, but I felt there was something worthwhile to post about: My alleged breaking of Tucson's traffic laws.

Back almost a year ago, I 'ran a red light' and was caught on camera doing so. Not only that, but I was also 'moving at an unspecified speed greater than 65 mph' while making a right turn. For all the juicy details, please see my previous postings...

In response to this alleged infraction of the law, I had prepared myself fully for an eventual date with a judge. I had my defense planned out. I had gathered documentation, images, and the city-supplied video in preparation. I was ready to take down the system.

Then, the fateful day came...

My case was dismissed without prejudice without ever stepping foot in a court room or speaking with any officials on the matter. Now where's the fun in that?! At least I didn't have to pay anything, but I really wanted to make my case. Maybe next time.

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