Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arizona Citizens (IRL and On the Internet)

I saw a news story recently on one of the local Tucson news stations regarding the possibility of the secession of Pima County from the state of Arizona. That whole big deal aside, I looked up the info on the stations website and eventually browsed my way to the comments section of this story. Holy cow are there some dumb people out there…
 Arizona Secede? - Rantomness
Disagree with the politics in the capital or not, splitting off to form the 51st state of the Country is a bit overboard in my mind. And that goes for any group from any state. There may be reasons to break away, but few of the reasons I’ve heard/read associated with this particular story are valid to me. Maybe you think I’m wrong (if you think so, tell me so), but that’s not the main point of my posting.
My purpose here is to highlight the comments posted on the news website in response to the story. They are filled with such literary and scholarly gems that I want to secede from Pima County myself!
HEY everyone lets all get ILLEGAL  !!!!you don,t have to abide by any LAWS!!!!!! and everything is FREE!!!!
Let,s see. Mexico is only 60 miles away, Kalifornia can be reached in a day.  I would suggest the liberals move either place. 
They have their knickers in  a twist because they don't control Pima county.  How could anyone DARE to vote for a conservative when da messiah be in da White House?  But it's typical of libs, when they can't get what they want, they start WHINING.  Well THIS IS ONE VOTE you are NOT going to get for your "Cloud Cuckoo Land!  I got the hell out of Chicago many years ago to get away from the dimocrat machine and I don't want to see it here!
At least use proper punctuation, people! (Actually, these two appear to have been written by the same person, but I could be wrong.) The comments are filled with idiocies and bigotries abound, and general mutual nastiness, and I for one would rather not be associated with these fools.

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