Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chrome Apps: The Wave of the Future?

Since Google recently spat out some upgrades to their Chrome browser, a new feature (called 'Apps') has been available. Do these apps represent the next generation of user applications for computers? Well, yes and no.

Google Chrome Logo - Rantomness

My first thought about these integrated apps was that this could be pretty awesome. Streamlining tools and applications into my already favorite web browser is a nice little convenience. So, I downloaded a bunch of various things from tools to learning apps to games from the Google Web Store. To my disappointment, it turns out that much of the flair of these so-called apps is missing.

Of the twenty or so various 'apps' I chose to install based on my actual potential usage (not to get a complete feel for it with thing I'll never open), only 2-3 were actually a program-type interface that ran in the browser. Overwhelmingly, what was actually installed was a link to a webpage, which in essence hijacked my app menu with bookmarks.

To further the confusion about these 'apps' is the fact the many of those hyperlinks led to a address starting with 'http://chrome.blah', meanwhile others were just the normal 'http://www.blah' prefix. What’s the difference between the two?

What's the point of installing an 'app' if all it is is a glorified bookmark? Sheesh!

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