Monday, March 14, 2011

Efficiency People!

If you are going out to run an errand – say buying some groceries, please think of others and be efficient in that process. You’ll save time and possible stress for yourself, as well as for everyone else.

Have you ever been waiting in line to check out at a store, and the person in front of you waits until they hear the total charge BEFORE pulling out their wallet/purse? Isn’t that annoying? This is something that happens to me and is definitely not a rare occurrence.

Here’s a checklist to help yourself be efficient while out on your shopping trip. Think about each of these as you enter a long line at the checkout, or (if the line is short) before you enter the line.
  1. Are you buying something?
  2. Are you going to have to pay for it?
  3. Do you need cash/card to pay for it?
  4. Is your money in your wallet/purse?
If you answer yes to all of these questions (which should have happened before you left the house – you did bring your wallet in the first place, didn’t you?), then how in the hell are you so surprised that at the last second you are now fumbling around for five minutes while others could be checking out after you?

Add to this the self-checkout lines of certain stores, which (usually)work great when you want to run in and grab a single item and run out. Why the hell do people take a full cart of groceries through when an employee could check the whole thing in half the time? Especially when they’re purchasing things like alcohol that make you wait for a clerk to assist anyway? These checkouts could be more efficient, but when people use them inefficiently, it blows the concept for everyone.

If these people had come prepared (isn’t that something you’re supposed to learn in grade school?) I could have been finished in the store by now. Instead, I spent a few extra minutes of my life standing in line for nothing. At least it gives me something to blog about.


  1. I'm with you 100% on this. In my own head, I teach uptight people how to relax using a technique I like to call 'mocking'. So, in my own head these people come to me to learn to chill and the first thing they ask is "should I have brought my sense of humour with me?" What a stupid thing to ask. They're in my head so I think it's fairly obvious that the ONLY thing they'll need is their sense of humour. A little bit of preparation and everything would be so much easier.

  2. There is a guy I have seen twice now at Walgreens who buys packs of on-sale cigarettes with - get this - personal checks. I don't know if you know much about the types of people who only buy the cigs that are on sale, but let me tell you - it can take up to five minutes for these folks to scan over the selection, ask about what's on sale and how much they ring up to, then flip flop over their final choice (where they usually just end up picking the marlboro reds every time). so while I'm just trying to get in and out, this guy is hemming and hawing over his cigarette selection and THEN, after making his selection(s), THEN he gets out the checkbook and starts writing. He has not pre-filled his signature. He has not pre-filled the name of the retailer. He is starting with a blank check, and he writes very, very slow. ARGH. I cannot think of a single major bank that does not allow people with checking accounts to use debit cards. not a one. and if you don't have the funds in your account today for an instant balance transfer? run it as credit! seriously! it's extremely aggravating.


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