Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh No! Not My iPad2!

Apparently, there are concerns about a possible delay in shipments of the next generation of iPads. As well there should be.

Darn Japan and their darn earthquakes and darn tsunamis and darn meltdowns! I want my new technology, and I can't wait on their insubstantial natural disasters. Who do the Japanese think they are, withholding devices for my personal entertainment while they prance around in their crises with gaiety?

Really, people? You're going to complain because you didn't get what you wanted as soon as you wanted it because people have died? What the hell is wrong with you?

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  1. Counter argument on behalf of the people that may have already purchased it and are awaiting delivery......

    Your point is from a moral standpoint.
    The courts would have to disagree. Well, only really if there was a binding absolute guaranteed delivery date. Regardless of that, the bottom line is the consumer paid for it therefor they have ever right to complain when their property is not delivered to them within the appropriate expected time frame set fourth. It is their property. it was neither parties fault of the natural disaster but the burden of responsibility falls with the manufacturer/company, not the consumer.

    Bottom line: It's their property, they don't have it, they should, and they have a right to complain.


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