Sunday, March 20, 2011

Teen mom? No problem! Get algebra and day care..Sign up for classes today!

This is my first guest post here on this blog. Testing things out so please forgive anything that looks a bit odd.

I wanted to talk about day care services available in high schools. I was at lunch with a friend and somehow we randomly got on this subject. Now, I will say I am not a teen mom nor do I know any, so I don't have any official authority to speak on this subject and as such this is just opinion.

So my friend tells me that schools having day care services are pretty much telling teens “Hey it's okay to have sex all you want and if you happen to get pregnant we'll watch your kid while you go to class”. I do see some truth in that statement but not enough to warrant us not offering day care services. In fact, I’m going to say that I firmly believe in them.

Times have changed. Some for the better and some not so much. More and more kids are getting pregnant in high school. Am I saying this is good? Not at all! I think it's important to give teens as much knowledge and support in the hopes they make the right choices. If a teen does get pregnant then things change. It's not time to punish, make an example out of them, and turn the situation worse. A lot of teens, unfortunately, do not have good support at home. They may choose to drop out of school to take care of their child. With high schools adopting day care services then we're giving the teen more options. Positive options. We can prevent yet another drop out. The teen can continue to go to school to get an education, the child can be taken care of, and the best is being made out of, what would normally be, a negative situation.

Yes, I can see it as a scary picture. All high schools having day cares. What does that say about us as a society? That would never stand 50 years ago. Debate will continue to happen. People will continue to blame this, blame that, judge the teen, etc.

My bottom line:
Once the mistake has happened and the teen pregnancy rate go up by one.
Let's not have the teen drop out rate to up by one.
It's all about positive options.

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