Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yo! Whaz up dawg? Pimp car 4 s@lez, like ma ad?!

Recently I’ve been saving up to buy a new car. My main goal is to buy from a private owner because I'm trying to avoid car payments and don't need anything new and fancy. So I’ve been taking a glance on used car ads on Craigslist.

Now, I must say that I’m already pretty skeptical and apprehensive on doing a purchase from a private owner only because I've been hearing horror stories on fake titles, scams, and other awful things people can do.

I just have one piece of advice to anybody who wants to get something sold and places an ad:

For the love of God! Seriously, come on people! I will be the first to admit my grammar and spelling is pretty bad. It's not even about that. If you want to be taken seriously – THEN WRITE LIKE IT!

The only thing I can do at this point is give you ONE example of what i'm talking about. Other than the phone number, I have taken out for this posting, the following is a true, legit ad posted on Craigslist in the hopes someone will buy their car (yes, seriously, even the part about 'get a life you loser' is really in the ad):
Selling an original 1969 pontiac Catalina 2 door with a 400 or bigger motor...... Car ran when parked 2003....car is complete to the best of my knowledge lost the key to the car an will not tamper with anything.....I'm selling the car as is.. It would make a very beautiful restoration!... Ok so now for a lil description car has straight body, complete chrome, only missing 1?-2?-3? Catalina badges......I can file for a title on the car cause I know the previouse owner......I am selling the car an I'd rather not but I need to get back to Colorado back to my Loving wife....I am taking bids or offers, I may trade for a 5th wheel travel trailer?... If you are interested please call me at [taken out for this ad post].....GINO... Please no calls after 9:00 pm......thank you.. I have more pics, I can txt them to your number.. An for who ever it is that keeps having this post removed.....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!....that's so funny...I'm gunna keep posting my car on here.....so no worries....hahahahahaha....""GET A LIFE YOU LOSER""""....

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  1. I tend to speak a lot of nonsense but the people I speak it to, know I'm talking nonsense and I love reading nonsense too so I'm going to disagree with you on this one. As long as there's places I can speak/ write and generally jump up and down on a trampoline of nonsense, Ill be happy enough. Good post though.


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