Friday, May 27, 2011

Lack of Support

This is basically my life at work when needing assistance for our assistance departments. This scenario applies day in and day out for myself and multiple others in my department. The names have been changed to protect the (not-so) innocent.
ME: Please confirm that 2+3=5.
GROUP 1: No research provided.
ME: 2=1+1. 3=1+1+1. Therefore, 2+3=1+1+1+1+1. Therefore, I think 2+3=5. Please confirm.
GROUP 1: Please clarify question.
ME: Is this correct? 2+3=5.
GROUP 1: Yes, 4+5=8.
ME: Thank you for your response, but that doesn’t answer my question and your specific answer appears to be incorrect. Please confirm 2+3=5.
GROUP 1: It appears 4+5!=8. Sending to GROUP 2.
GROUP 2: If 4+5=8 then you need to close the file.
ME: What file? I assure you that 4+5!=8. Does 2+3=5?
GROUP 2: Confirmed with math book that 4+5=8.
ME: My math book and math professor confirm 4+5!=8. Which math book are you using? By the way, my original question has not been answered; is 2+3=5 correct?
GROUP 2: You need to ask the Physics Department to verify 4+5=8.
ME: Sending to Phys. Dept. Please confirm 2+3=5.
Phys. Dept.: Yes, 2+3=5. Why did you ask us?
ME: Sending back to GROUP 2. Phys. Dept. confirms that 2+3=5. Your information is incorrect. Please update your sources.
GROUP 2: If 4+5=8 then you need to close the file.
ME: What file?!?
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