Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lamest Excuse to Pay Someone For Nothing I’ve Ever Heard

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From a PBS NewsHour story regarding the recent scandals regarding college sports athletes receiving disallowed benefits (monetary and otherwise).

This is just one bit of the transcript of the story. I’ve bolded the part that angers me. I don’t know why it angers me to the extent that it does, but it does.

TAYLOR BRANCH, Author, "The Shame of College Sports": “The essential problem is that we pretend that these adults are not entitled to a portion of the value that they earn. And we pretend that the problem with all of these scandals is that dirty athletes are getting money under the table.

The problem is that we're not honest about it. Nowhere else in America do we forbid adults from seeking a portion of the highly valued services that they provide. And nowhere else would we think of saying, don't pay these people until I'm satisfied that it won't mess something up.”

“Nowhere else,” Mr. Branch says? How about any internship program? How about medical residencies? How about grad students working on major research projects?

If the college players (especially those on athletic scholarships) do not like to play for free, then stop playing. Nobody is forcing them. In fact, there are probably a great number of high school graduates who would gladly take their place. Really, many young kids actually pay (or their parents do, anyway) to be able to play in a league.


</end rant>