Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh, Here’s Your Problem!

I may offend some people with this posting, but I’m getting to the point where I almost don’t care anymore.
This quote and picture (ripped without permission from NPR) are from a somewhat older article I just recently stumbled across, so forgive the age/minor lack of relevance. (Give me a break, it’s been a while since I posted anything anyway!)
The story is about, among other things, a less-fortunate woman who has brought her sons to a protest at her Governor’s office. When I got to this point in the article, it struck me quite quickly what the issue is:
“She is unemployed and says Walker's cuts to Medicaid caused two of her sons, ages 10 and 8, to be dropped from the program.”
Now, that quote, in and of itself may seem pretty innocuous, and you may feel bad for the woman’s plight. That is, until you look at the picture along side it…

Poor iPhone - Rantomness
Are those… SMARTPHONES the kids are playing with? And… that’s not obvious? I have no cable/satellite television, I have no smartphone – iPhone, Android, or otherwise – my PC cost me ~$100, both my ‘big’ TVs are hand-me-downs and were free (one has no working sound, the other has problems with the screen, but they work!) as was my most-recently acquired iPod (I’ve only ever owned 2 iPods, this one included). In living like this, I’ve made sacrifices so that I can afford to provide food and healthcare to my family. This woman, and many others like her, have sacrificed the security and comfort of being able to afford these necessities in order to have the latest and greatest toys. That was their choice. Why should my taxpayer money go to people like this when I have responsibly decided for myself that I cannot afford these luxuries?


  1. Still have time to change your registration before the primary elections for the fall races...

  2. I already have changed prior to this election cycle...

  3. "Why should my taxpayer money go to people like this when I have
    responsibly decided for myself that I cannot afford these luxuries?"

    You are asking the age-old question......   Why should I pay for when others are careless and carefree with MY money?  

    I love helping people.  But I cant stand AND WONT STAND to help people that take for granted anything and anyone around them. 

    The government has no responsibility to assist people, such as you wrote about, to purchase smartphones for CHILDREN who do NOT even NEED a phone period.  Teach those kids how to work lest they become like the rest of today's 21 year olds: graduating and never having ONCE asked a customer a question because they've never held a job.  

    By the age of those kids in that photo, I already had several jobs.  We're destroying ourselves from the inside - out.

  4. Thanks, Me. It's nice to see someone who agrees. I do get the feeling that many think they are entitled. Done. End of story. My parents did not instill that in me, and I consider myself one of the younger generation. I don't know when the change took place, as I was not around to witness it, I think.


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